Tolu Oyewumi, M.D., M.P.H.
Board of Directors

Dr. Tolu Oyewumi (M.D., M.P.H.) has a rich and diverse background that spans various fields; clinical medicine, research (includes published scientific journals), clinical trials, epidemiology, healthcare innovation, consulting, startup advisory, and public health practice. She worked at the front-line of COVID-19 helping vulnerable populations as she directed infection control and epidemiology efforts at large institutions. She ensured that the institutions comply with governing bodies' regulatory affairs like F.D.A., C.D.C., H.H.S., C.M.S., OSHA, E.P.A, local Departments of Health. She worked to provide quality improvement and infection prevention oversight to these organizations. She worked to design, implement and update plans of action and other health policies to minimize outbreaks and the spread of infections, and she continues to advocate for public health. Recently, she transitioned into helping those impacted by limiting diseases in the most productive years of their life through the use of science and advocacy.


Dr. Oyewumi's work has been both national and international in scope and impact. She has worked in various settings and with people of diverse races, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds, from treating patients to cutting-edge research. She has consulted for multiple entrepreneurs and organizations. With disruptive thinking and innovation, she employs her superpower of empathy to create extraordinary value and impact with market-based solutions. Dr. Oyewumi is also a Certified Coach, Public Speaker, Creative Writer, Youth Mentor, Facilitator and holds a certification in Lean in Healthcare. She is passionate about solving complex healthcare and social problems through critical, strategic, and creative thinking.