Bend Biomedical, founded in 2019, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit global health pharmaceutical company. Our mission is to manufacture, package, and distribute high-quality, low-cost medicines to treat and prevent serious diseases in neglected populations around the world.

Mass drug administration is the administration of treatment or preventive medicine to every member of a defined population (except those for whom the medicine is contraindicated) at the same time and often at repeated intervals1 (usually annually or biannually until the disease is no longer endemic).

We provide our medicines below-cost or completely free to governments and organizations using mass drug administration to serve neglected populations. Our business model calls for these medicines to be funded primarily through grants and charitable contributions.

We are focused on blister packaging.2 The impoverished sick and susceptible deserve medication in tamper-resistant, single-dose packaging that they can read. Blister packaging increases compliance and improves outcomes.

Old Mill District, Bend, Oregon, USA

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2Smith W. Blister Packaging vs. Bottles for Pharmaceutical Products: Factors to consider for packaging over-the-counter and prescription medications include safety, adherence and product quality. Packaging Strategies. 2018 May 15.