Bend Biomedical is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit global health pharmaceutical company. We deliver high-quality, low-cost medicines to treat and prevent serious diseases in neglected populations around the world. We specialize in critical preventive medicines in short supply and improved drug products for mass drug administration.

What We Do

We provide our medicines below cost or completely free to governments and organizations serving neglected populations. Our business model allows these products to be funded primarily through grants and charitable contributions.

We use appropriate dosage forms, optimal packaging, and labels and instructions in the local language. This practice increases compliance and improves outcomes. The impoverished sick and susceptible deserve quality medicine in tamper-resistant, single-dose packaging that they can read.


Critical preventive medicines can prevent the occurrence of a serious disease or halt a serious disease and avert resulting complications after its onset.

Mass drug administration is treatment or preventive medicine administered to every member of a defined population (except those for whom the medicine is contraindicated) usually annually or biannually until the disease is no longer endemic.

Neglected populations defined here are peoples living in poor socio-economic conditions where efforts to eliminate treatable or preventable diseases do not exist or are not working.