Sitikantha Banerjee, M.D.

Board of Directors

Dr. Sitikantha joined the Bend Biomedical Board of Advisors in 2021. He is our “famous” team member. In 2019 he wrote, “Mass Drug Administration coverage remains an important indicator in elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis especially in context of recent changes in programme strategies in India, such as incorporation of Ivermectin and involvement of urban Accredited Social Health Activists… Drugs should preferably be distributed in blister packs to increase acceptance.” Sitikantha is currently a Consultant Epidemiologist at ICMR-National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases. He holds an MD from Katwa KDI medical school and lives with his family in Kolkata, India. We have plans to hire him on our studies investigating blister packaging triple therapy for lymphatic filariasis in India.