RuthAnn Sapinsky, B.S.N.

Board of Advisors

RuthAnn Sapinsky joined the Bend Biomedical Board of Advisors in 2022. She has been a registered nurse for 16 years, first as an emergency room nurse, then a telemetry nurse, and finally a medical/surgical nurse. She also has laboratory experience with the American Red Cross and the Oregon Health & Science University immunogenetics lab. RuthAnn holds a BS in medical technology from Eastern Washington University and a BSN from the University of Great Falls, Montana.


In 2015 RuthAnn and her husband took an extended vacation, bought a catamaran, and sailed the Caribbean for five months. They made it through all the storms and learned a lot about what they were capable of. One time they lost the engine and had to sail back to their mooring when the wind wasn’t cooperating. Respect for mother nature was had by all! When not working RuthAnn enjoys yoga, boxing, and hiking.