Cindy Lee Riesen, R.N.

Board of Directors

Cindy Riesen has had a lifelong passion for public and global health issues. She has been a financial supporter for clean water initiatives, vaccine distribution, nutrition and education programs in Africa. She is passionate about current global health crises being approached with wisdom rather than ignorance. Cindy has degrees in biology, nursing and computer science. Cindy worked at Case Western Reserve University Pediatric Immunology laboratories researching vaccine models against pneumococcus. She served the Cleveland Clinic as a nurse for ten years and also developed computerized hospital charting templates to promote flow of care and minimize errors. Cindy is currently volunteering and creating workbooks for families and patients with mental health challenges. She loves the outdoors, practices Tai Chi, and is learning how to cook favorite meals from around the world. Cindy lives in North East Ohio with her husband and two college age sons.