Bend Biomedical accepts tax-deductible donations via check at PO Box 300, Prineville, OR 97754. Be sure to specify how you would like your donation receipt sent: USPS letter, email, or fax. We are a 501(c)(3) organization (long form) with IRS public charity status 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).

Every penny counts. Our least expensive blister-packed, coated tablet is roughly 2/3 of a cent to make and 1/2 of a cent to blister pack and carton. Our most expensive tablet is a large chewable caplet that is 2 1/2 cents to make and 3 1/2 cents to blister pack and carton. These costs do not include shipping which is usually paid by the entity receiving the medicines.

Manufacturing in bulk greatly lowers our costs. Our production runs are a minimum of 10 million units. Bend Biomedical also uses extra-large cartons (up to 1,000 pills per carton) to save on costs. Our indirect costs are very low, as we rely on an all volunteer Board of Directors, part-time employees, and free government or organization warehouses when we can.